The SKYBIT Ecosystem

Myanmar's Leading Blockchain Services Platform
Decentralized Exchange

Decentralized Exchange

Swap, stake, and pool digital assets. DeFi Lending & Borrowing coming soon.

International Payment Processor

International Payment Processor

Generates invoice for BTC payments by international customers (or donors). SKYBIT takes their BTC and gives Myanmar Kyat to the merchant.

Centralized Exchange

Centralized Exchange

Digital asset marketplace with order books.

SKYBIT – Transcend All Boundaries

SKYBIT has leveraged blockchain technology creating a modern financial bridge between Myanmar and the rest of the world, liberating them from global financial exclusion. 

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Why Blockchain May Be The Answer to Myanmar's Economic Woes

Creating Emancipation from Financial Exclusion

Myanmar’s banking system has long been hampered by the isolationist scenario prevalent in the country and does not, as yet, have a robust transaction system in place. This makes it difficult for people to gain access to global wealth, and opportunities are sparse. Inward transactions can take as much as a week and not everyone has access to banking and credit cards. But SKYBIT is about to change this bleak scenario to bring about a positive and dynamic change in the lives of millions of underprivileged people of Myanmar and of Southeast Asia.

SKYBIT Mission & Goals

Our Vision For Myanmar

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to emancipate the people of Myanmar from financial exclusion. We strongly believe that doing so would have a direct impact on the quality of life for millions of people in Myanmar.


Part of of our mission includes educational initiatives to help locals understand the potential of Blockchain technology so that they can identify opportunities to leverage this technology.

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Some of SKYBIT'S recent adventures.